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KDB 93.7 FM Classical Radio to Hold Second Annual Spring On-Air Membership Campaign
Listener Support Vital to Sustainability of Local, Cultural Treasure

To secure its future as the premiere voice for classical music and the arts on the South Central Coast, KDB 93.7 FM is holding its second annual Spring On-Air membership drive beginning May 2.  KDB is hoping to raise the necessary funds to further its mission – providing an engaging variety of classical music; news stories on the vital work of our arts organizations and other nonprofits; special programing; and live and recorded local concerts.  Like four other classical music stations in the U.S. who recently became listener supported, KDB is now relying primarily on the generosity of its listeners to pay for the station’s programming and operations.  For KDB, listener support now accounts for 50% of the station’s revenue.   

“Doing the on-air membership campaign is the most cost-effective way to reach our listeners,” says Tim Owens, the General Manager of KDB.  “Listener donations are combined with the revenue we generate through advertising – plus very generous support from the Santa Barbara Foundation – so we can effectively preserve classical music on the airwaves and help foster a vibrant arts scene.”

With only a handful of classical radio stations remaining in the country, KDB has never been a more valuable community treasure and asset, important for the cultural relevance it provides its many listeners. KDB preserves a great musical heritage for music lovers in our many communities, including those who may not have access to the performing arts, such as the elderly, disabled, or those suffering through economic hardships. KDB is also an essential voice for local arts organizations, providing the opportunity to promote concerts and events, which in turn nurture our local economy.

“Santa Barbara has an incredible arts scene, with KDB serving as an important voice for the local arts and nonprofit communities,” said Susan Miles Gulbransen, board chair for KDB. “The on-air membership drive will help us to stay on the air and continue to grow, allowing KDB’s voice to remain strong now and into the future.”

Donating is easy and quick.  Simply call (888)-KDB-2733 anytime before, during, or after the on-air drive.  There are several options available for membership, starting at a minimum of $60.  Donors can give a one time donation or make a monthly sustaining pledge, as low as $5 or $10 a month … or a dollar-a-day pledge of $365.  Special thank you gifts will available to donors.